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12 foot Great White visits Hilton Head

Each year, Great White sharks migrate from the cold waters of New England to warmer waters south. It wasn’t until 2014 that there was proof that these giant creatures passed by Hilton Head Island. That is when local Chip Michalove started catching, tagging, and releasing the sharks a few miles offshore.

From December to February Great Whites can be found if you know where to look – and Chip certainly does. He has landed over 30 of them, and about as many have gotten away before he was able to reel them in. This particular 12 foot, 1,000 pound Great White was caught in early February 2021 and was fitted with two tags – one that will track all the shark’s movements and will release in about six months and another that will signal special receivers along the beach when the shark gets too close to shore. That is not a concern in Hilton Head, but it is in locations like Cape Cod.

Here is a brief video of the catch.

12 foot Great White caught off Hilton Head Island, SC